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Please review the below Known Issues list before contacting us at:  or

Known Issues / Issues With Older Versions

  • TikTok Issue: Can't post to TikTok.  Make sure you have successfully posted at least 1 photo/video to your TikTok account using the logged in TikTok app.  Make sure TikTok has access to your photo library (Photos):  iOS Settings -> TikTok -> Photos -> All Photos (NOTE: Give 3rd party apps access to your photo library at your own risk.)

  • Facebook Issue: Poor quality after uploading oPHOTO to Facebook.  HD setting needs to be enabled for Facebook app: iOS Settings -> Facebook -> Upload HD (enable for both PHOTO and VIDEO)

  • iOS Issue (MARKETING EDITION): Can't subscribe or login on app startup; loading indicator shows forever.  iCloud & iCloud Drive need to be enabled and in a valid logged in state [meaning not waiting for password re-entry in iOS Settings].

  • iOS Issue: (MARKETING EDITION) oPHOTO embedded in iMessage to single iOS recipient shows with low quality. Occurs if is the first iMessage sent to that user. Retry sending oPHOTO.

  • iOS Issue: (MARKETING EDITION) iMessage of oPHOTO showing extraneous blank bubble between links in a single message. This is an outstanding issue Apple needs to fix.

  • iOS Issue: (MARKETING EDITION) iMessage not allowing oPHOTO link to be clickable by recipient. First try to tell recipient to terminate iMessage app. If that doesn't work, tell user to delete entire conversation with you. Lastly, you should resend oPHOTO link to recipient.

  • Cell Provider Issue: (MARKETING EDITION) oPHOTO embedded in SMS text message to single Android recipient or multiple recipients shows with low quality. Retry by sending oPHOTO as a link in a text message.

  • iOS Issue: Failure when saving to local photo album (Photos) for the first time. Authorize oPHOTO to access photo album (Photos) and then try again.

  • Instagram Issue: Upon starting a new Instagram post of an oPHOTO (first or second step of post workflow), you need to press your device's VOLUME-UP BUTTON so that sound is enabled when posted (you should be hearing your audio looping). Also, make sure in second step of post workflow, Video Sound On (top-middle speaker icon).

  • Instagram Issue: Start of sharing as story can look distorted at first. After finishing adding oPHOTO to a story, the distortion is no longer present.

  • Instagram Issue: Posting for the first time might prematurely prompt to delete temporary file stored in Photo Album. For the first time this happens: touch Cancel.

  • Instagram Issue: Posting to story from iPad can look off-center when viewing on an iPhone [or sometimes on an iPad]. Recommended is that you post to Instagram from an iPhone.

  • Facebook Issue: If only 1 video ever uploaded to a Facebook account then will show a duplicate (2). Issue will go away with 2nd upload.

  • Facebook Issue: First upload can fail then next upload works fine.

  • Facebook Issue: Posting for the first time might prematurely prompt to delete temporary file stored in Photo Album. For the first time this happens: touch Don't Allow.

  • oPHOTO Issue: If preparing to share an oPHOTO via text or email, after app is exited then reloaded, form will become distorted. Cancel and try again.

  • oPHOTO Issue: On small screen devices like iPhone 5 & iPod Touch, selecting too many websites in iOS Settings -> oPHOTO causes display issues in the app. Select only necessary websites that you will be using in the app.

  • oPHOTO Issue: (MARKETING EDITION) Can't log into Cloud Storage; "Logging in..." stays visible. Terminate then restart app and try again.

  • oPHOTO Issue: Video circle not playing sound. Press your device's VOLUME-UP BUTTON and make sure your device's MUTE BUTTON is OFF. If still no sound, terminate and restart app, then try the VOLUME-UP BUTTON again.

  • oPHOTO Issue: Video frozen when attempting to record. Leave the app [switching to home screen] and re-enter app. If that fails, terminate then restart app.

  • oPHOTO Issue: Apple Pencil not immediately responsive when drawing. We are still looking into this issue.

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