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oPHOTO: marketing
& social editions


Give your photos a voice!
DISRUPT social media...
download now.

The App

Social Media

Give your photos a voice...

No more lengthy text descriptions under your social media photos.  No more difficulties manipulating your social media videos.  Easily MASHUP photo 📸 + video 🎥 to create social media 🎉 with fire 🔥🔥🔥



Choose an edition that has the features your need: Marketing Edition or Social Edition

Embed video commentary into your photos!

In 5 to 30 seconds breathe life into your photos with commentary or personalization. *

With Marketing Edition you can even create private slideshows of your oPHOTOs.

Share oPHOTOs to your squad or the world!

Easily post to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatApps, Text, Email, or oPHOTO Cloud Storage (group photo bucket) & Collaboration platform. *

Print oPHOTOs IRL that come alive!

Not only do the digital versions of your oPHOTOs come to life; but now you can also print those same oPHOTOs that speak. **/***/****

* Features vary by edition.
** Feature only available in Marketing Edition.

*** Use our Gift Print Service: we'll Print & Ship for you.
**** Feature assisted by mobile device.

How the App Works


Add a single photo
or stitch photos

The photo you add is the main content you want people to focus on.


Embed your
personalized video

Describe your photo's content or add your personalized message that addressed someone by name:

"Jane, we had an amazing time at your bachelorette party in Hawaii!"

About Us

Our Story

Wanted a MASHUP of easy to take photos with a little spoken word for context.

A quick photo of my subject + my video commentary to say it all while being wrapped into a simple workflow that doesn't require me to be a pro-photographer nor pro-videographer.  What kind of fire content will you create...


Satisfied Users

“Lets you embed videos inside your photos: mashup! Useful for anything from weddings to corporate events.

Easy to use and innovative.  Lets you post to your own event's photo bucket or to any external social network.”


“This App is simply amazing. OMG!! It takes product marketing and communication to a whole new level...”


"Great marketing tool! This app is a great new way to market your product in a personalized way."


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