No more explaining in text messages underneath your photos.  With oPHOTO that
becomes a thing of the past.  Now you can add video comments directly inside
your photos.  Your new and old photos just stepped up their game!
+ create talking post cards, holiday cards, & more...
+ Social Network

//take photo:
#add filters, meme text,
blemish removal,
& pic stitch

//record video:
#comment, narrate, or
describe your photo

add a splash of color
to the circle border
around your video
//position video:
#set your video into 1 of 5 locations inside your photo

put the finishing
touch on your
#post your oPHOTO creation to share
with friends on any social network


//need help

//introduction video:
#we can only imagine how you will you use oPHOTO...

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#we simply DO NOT share your sensitive data
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